What is a blanket L-1 visa?

How can Immigration Law Offices help my business?

How do I fast-track the visa process?

Blanket L-1 Visa:
Large multinational companies that regularly transfer employees to U.S. branches or affiliates may apply for blanket L-1 status to expedite the visa process by bypassing the petition stage. Click here to learn about L-1 visa requirements.

Advantages of a Blanket L-1 Visa:

  • A blanket L-1 visa cuts L-1 visa processing time in half. Since it has been pre-qualified as part of the blanket L-1 process, the sponsoring company is not required to qualify as a sponsor for each transferee.

  • Once a sponsoring company has qualified for blanket L-1 status, visas for transferees can normally be issued in just one day, as long as the transferee has the required documents.

  • Once a company has been approved for blanket L-1 status, the transferee can apply directly at the nearest US Consulate to receive their visa rather than having to apply to the USCIS.

  • All immigration requirements for transferees can be handled by a single department at the parent company.

Requirements for Petitioning Employer:

The US-based company must:

  • be a branch, subsidiary or affiliate of the non-US-based company.
  • have been in business for at least one year
  • have a minimum of three branches, subsidaries or affiliates

Both the US-based company and the non-US-based company must:

  • be engaged in trade or rendering of services
  • have successfully obtained visas for at least ten employees over the past 12 months
  • have combined annual sales of at least $25 milllion OR at least 1,000 US-based employees

Requirements for Transferees:

  • proof of employment at the petitioning company over the last 12 months;
  • proof of qualification for the position, such as diplomas and resumes;
  • written proof of a job offer for the US-based position.

The processing time for a blanket L-1 visa normally takes between 30 and 90 days. If you wish to fast-track this process, we strongly recommend Premium Processing of your visa; for a $1,000 fee, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) guarantees processing of your application within fifteen days, and sometimes in as little as ten days.

How Can Immigration Law Offices help my business?
Immigration Law Offices can help corporate personnel departments and their transferees gather and complete all the necessary documentation and application forms for a blanket L-1 visa or an L-1 visa. For more information about L-1 visas, or to begin the application process, click here to let our experienced immigration attorneys assist you. Our initial 30 minute consultation is FREE.


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