Non-Immigrant Visa for Treaty Traders (E1 Visa)

The US government provides an unlimited number of non-immigrant treaty trader visas (E-1 visas) to individuals wishing to live and work in the United States by investing in U.S. businesses. The applicant must be a citizen of a country possessing a trade treaty (pdf) with the U.S. To learn about immigrant visas for investors, click here.

Quota: none
Length of Visa: up to two years at a time
Application Processing Time: 2-3 months*
*For faster visa processing, we recommend Premium Processing, which speeds up processing time to 15 days or less.


In order to qualify for an E1 treaty trader visa you must demonstrate that you:

(1) be from a qualifying country: half of the country's trade must be with the US

(2) will work for a business at least 50% of which is owned by citizens of a single trade treaty country

(3) work for a company currently engaging in a "substantial" amount of trade with the US (based on dollar amount, volume and frequency)

(4) be either a 50% owner, a supervisor, a manager or a key employee of the company

(5) intend to leave the U.S. upon termination of your business there. You must show proof you intend to return (e.g. owning property in home country; having family members based outside the US, etc.)

(6) Owners must live outside the US and be eligible for E-1 status or live inside the US with E-1 visas

Accompanying relatives of E-1 visa holders are also eligible for E-1 visas. They may stay and work in the U.S.

Extensions: Up to 5 years at a time for E-1 visa holders; up to two years at a time for E-1 status holders; no specified limit on number of extensions.

To be eligible for an E-1 visa extension, the investor must prove:

  • that (s)he has at all times maintained the terms and conditions of the E visa
  • was physically present at the time of filing the application for extension of stay, and
  • has not abandoned their extension request.

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Trade Treaty:
A certain number of countries possess an agreement with the United States to encourage international trade. The current list includes these countries (See E-1 visa countries on this list.)

Accompanying Relative:
The spouse or child under the age of 21 of the holder of an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, who is accompanying them to the US




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