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Visa Quota Chart

Family-based green cards 226,000 (current total quota)
immediate relatives
family first preference
23,400 plus any unused 4th preference visas
family second preference
114,200 plus any unused 1st preference visas (and no less than 77% to 2A)
family third preference
23,400 plus any unused 2nd preference visas
family fourth preference
65,000 plus any unused 3rd preference visas
Employment-based green cards 140,000 (current total quota)

employment first preference

28.6% of the annual total

employment second preference

28.6% of the annual total

employment third preference

28.6% of the annual total

employment fourth preference

7.1% of the annual total

employment fifth preference (investment)

7.1% of the annual total
Green Card Lottery 55,000 (current total quota)
Amnesty none
Asylum none
Refugees 90,000 (current quota)
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) none
Special Immigrant Status 10,000 (no more than 5,000 to non-clergy religious workers)
Special Agricultural Worker Status none

NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS (Temporary Work/Travel Visas)
Specialty Occupation (H-1B) 65,000
Intracompany Transfer (Executives) (L-1) none
Investment (E-2) none
Temporary/Seasonal Workers
Job Training (H-3) none
Student Visas (F-1, M-1) none
Religious Worker Visas (R-1) none




Immigration Updates

7/23/11: Congress Should Fix Green Card Lottery, Not Eliminate It

7/22/11: H2A Visa Lets Nonresidents Work in US Legally

7/22/11: DREAM Act Offers Hope to Many Young People in US

7/17/11: A Tale of Two Different Paths to US Citizenship

7/13/11: Gay Couple Fights to Stay Together, Avoid Deportation

7/1/11: Foreign-Born Americans Tell Their Stories about Becoming US Citizens

9/28/08: New citizenship test debuts

1/5/05: All US visitors now fingerprinted at US borders

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